Salmon Harbor Landing
265 8th Street
Winchester Bay, OR 97467
(541) 271-3742

Charm. Fun. Relaxation. Adventure...
     We have attempted to create themed rooms that are clean, comfortable and relaxing.  Now, you can find us in "The Lonely Planet" travel guide for the Oregon and Washington areas.  "For a special treat, try Salmon Harbor Landing Motel..."  Look for us there and come see us here!

We have a lot we can share about what we think about our motel. But, let us first let you hear what one of our customers said,

"We stayed at your motel on 4/16/08. You told us your rooms were nice and I want you to know [that] room # 2 was among the nicest I've ever stayed in and we have traveled extensively. The towels were thick and fluffy, The shower head was wonderful. The bed was sooo soft and comfy and the decor was refreshing. The quilt on the bed, the antique furniture and photos, gloves, etc. all these added to the comfy feel of the place. I liked the bathroom sink and lighting, too."

So...can you spend a moment to look at more? (look now at the Rooms)

Discover all the joys that Salmon Harbor Landing has to offer on Oregon�s southern coast.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, Salmon Harbor Landing�s well-appointed rooms have an elegant touch to add to any trip. And if you manage to leave your bed, a walk along the harbor is relaxing and enjoyable.

Salmon Harbor Landing is the motel that feels like a B&B. And there is more!

If you�re ready for some outdoor adventure, Salmon Harbor Landing is also an ideal choice. Fishing, boating, crabbing, hiking, whale watching, elk viewing, and sand dune cruising are all available in the Winchester Bay area.

Make a reservation today. Call us at (541) 271-3742.

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