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OK, so not everyone is getting married, but if you or someone you know is, we may have an idea for you.

We got married in Winchester Bay and had a beautiful wedding and believe you can do that for less than $1,000. Here is what we did:

We contacted a minsister from Reedsport. Costs will vary, but you can see some options in the Reedsport/Winchester Bay phone book and ask some questions.

We then contacted the Umpqua River Lighthouse. This is a small, but very romantic location to have your ceremony. The size of the wedding is limited to about 30 people, but everyone gets a tour of the lighthouse, you have a beautiful view of the ocean when you step out, you have a great back drop for pictures, and you have a reason to collect lighthouse stamps (the Umpqua River Lighthouse appeared on the United States Postal Service Stamps in 2007).

We then contacted The Winchester Bay Community Center for the reception. The center is an old 1 bedroom Schoolhouse. They rent the place for very cheap and it includes a kitchen (where we fixed the dinner), a dining area and a large room that used to be the gym (great location for someone to put on a skit...or just talk privately).

Of course, as my mom was willing to allow guests to stay for free at the motel, it was cheaper for us, but with the Vacation Rental now available, you can rent it to have room for several guests, to have a dinner the night before, or just a place to relax before (or after) all the events.

Please call and we will help as much as we can. You can see some pictures below. There is a closeness (and a fair-priceness), that can't be found anywhere else.


Above, you can see pictures of the lighthouse, a picture from the top of the lighthouse, some of the deserts we had out for the reception and a shot of the bay nearby.

If you are looking for a more simple celebration of your love, we have a lovely town for you to visit, get married and to stay. Give us a call or View Rooms or take a look at our Vacation Rental.

Make a reservation today. Call us at (541) 271-3742.